Organic Polyester Productions

ORGANIC POLYESTER Productions (OPP) is an independent multi media production company founded in 2004 by Everett Kelsey. Its mission has been to be an artistic laboratory for consulting,  developing and producing art-house and commercially viable projects intended for the Silver Screen, and New Media.

Following its feature length, romantic psychological thriller, SHI which was shot at Universal and finished on Paramount’s lot with Cinema Pixel, OPP has a stable of projects in various stages of development. Two Brothers (Training Day meets Bad Lieutenant), Stepping Beneath The Surface (a steam-punk supernatural thriller), and Lost In The Shadows (a murder mystery woven around racial bias within the African-American community in New Orlienes’ French Quarter), currently vie for the next position on OPP’s production slate.


“Deep within uncomfortable consciousness where man struggles in life’s tangled symbiotic fibers of ambiguity, connecting: Creation with Destruction- Reason with Insanity- Love with Hate- Mortality with Spirituality, and that which is Possible with the Impossible- ORGANIC POLYESTER will explore our dependency to co-exist, and how our defining differences are in an obscure state of continuous change, blurring one’s once clear perception.  The subtle, impulsive, seductive, pressure to cast judgment- to turn a blind eye or deaf ear on the purity of the moment is a constant. Which is why, in this space in time… in this eternal moment… beauty in ugliness, and the ugliness in beauty… will be exposed.”